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Story empowers vision.  Vision empowers momentum.  Momentum empowers success.”

– Kathy Corday –

[Guest Speaker, 85 Broads’ Leadership Circle Storytelling Workshop, 6 December 2012]


Regardless of how you feel on any given day, know that you make a choice about how you face the world.  Know that moments pass, good or bad.  Know that you are the constant in your life, whether alone or paired.  Know that anything you have ever truly wanted to achieve in life, you have.  Know that those things you thought you wanted to achieve in life but did not were of little importance to you.  Know that goals may change.

Your story empowers your vision of your life.  The vision you have of your life empowers your focused momentum.  Your focused momentum empowers your success.  Know this: you are enough.

What’s Your Story?
Please feel free to use this space to share your insights and feedback on the importance of communicating your story in a clear and concise format.  
I look forward to your comments…


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Hello, World! Here’s my new baby: a pocket-book! THE NETWORKING FIELD GUIDE™: Essential Social Skills for Business

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Announcing the arrival of my new baby: a pocket-book!  THE NETWORKING FIELD GUIDE™: Essential Social Skills for Business has just been published by Alchemy Media Group, Inc.   I am thrilled to share my good news with you as this has been a labor of love for me for the past 4 years.

THE NETWORKING FIELD GUIDE™: Essential Social Skills for Business is a 150-page, pocket-sized, 1/4-inch thick manual of informative techniques to better connect you to the people you need to know to succeed.  Printed on 80# coated paper in 4-color, the guide features color highlights and tab blocks.  The soft-cover consists of gold foil-stamped, black vinyl leatherette bringing the guide’s total weight to a mere 4.1 ounces.  THE NETWORKING FIELD GUIDE™ tucks easily tucks easily into the pocket of a suit, purse, computer bag, backpack, or pair of jeans.  Available for purchase on the web at http://www.thenetworkingfieldguide.com, the suggested retail price is $13.95 plus tax, shipping and handling.  A red velveteen gift bag can be included with an order for an additional $2.00 each.  Enclosed in its own cellophane bag, each pocket-book ships in a sturdy cardboard box for safe transit via the U. S. Postage Service.

Tailored to meet the needs of the recent college graduate, post-graduate professional, managers promoted to rainmaker, and job-seekers in transition, the field guide has something for everyone making it both insightful and inspirational.  Easy on the eyes, the text is color-keyed with blue headings, green highlights of key points, and blue color tabs for easy navigation between topics.  Beginning with Corday’s Top 10 Tips, THE NETWORKING FIELD GUIDE™ outlines the basic social skills that are compulsory to initiating meaningful business relationships.  Tips are outlined initially then fleshed out with meaningful examples.  Five more tips are presented in a second outline then explained in more detail in the following pages.  Finally, specific event scenarios are explored in detail to enable successful outcomes for these potentially problematic situations.

THE NETWORKING FIELD GUIDE™ shares my perspective on the interpersonal skills that I feel are necessary to connect you to the key people in your industry once you leave the comfort zone of your desk, computer, or cell phone.  My knowledge has been cultivated through my own professional career pursuits aided by the mentoring of generous business leaders who have crossed my path.  Having been fortunate enough to enjoy a multi-faceted career with some of the world’s most prestigious companies, I credit my ability to effectively network as being paramount to my success.  Moreover, my network empowers me to easily adapt to the dynamic of an ever-changing economic landscape.

Future postings on this blog will explore topics taken from my book.  I will post again within a week.

Welcome to my world!

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